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Cake Savvy is a custom design cakes  bakery that will bring your ideas to life in a cake that you envisioned. From traditional wedding cakes to this
sculpted book and dragon cake.
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Custom Design Cakes

With over twelve years of experience behind me, I founded Cake Savvy in 2017.
I have always had a dream of having a bakery for custom design cakes. I love to be creative and make original designs from your ideas. Something personalized and special for each person. 

I create individually designed cakes for
weddings special occasionskids’ birthdays.
And for almost any other occasion you would like to celebrate!

I worked from a wedding venue kitchen but with the need for expansion, I moved to a brand new location in early 2020 and it was great fun to take an empty space and design my very own custom bakery from scratch.

I am constantly learning new things in order to improve my skills and to make each unique cake look amazing, taste delicious, and most of all, meet your expectations. As a cake designer, my creations range from extravagant to sweet and simple and are suited for your specific occasion.

Currently, I am a preferred Contractor with various wedding venues to provide wedding cakes and dessert table cakes, 
I also cater to many individuals with orders for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, retirements, and many other special occasions.

My goal is to help you make great memories that last a lifetime. I love the challenge of bringing your ideas to life and seeing the delight at the finished cake.

Cake Savvy Custom Design Cakes Bakery

Elise’s Custom Design Cakes are carefully handcrafted
in her personally designed, fully licensed bakery.

Cake Savvy is located in the upper Fraser Valley and  creates individual, custom designed cakes for all occasions to the areas of Chilliwack, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Agassiz, and Hope.

Cake Savvy Service Areas

We are located in Chilliwack, BC and our bakery serves the areas of Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Agassiz, and Hope.

Custom Design Cakes
A Recipe For Success

We at Cake Savvy understand that to bring to fruition what you envision for your cake we need a recipe for success. So our custom design cakes are created especially for your event.

For Cake Savvy this means you as our client are at the heart of every design and crucial in providing that personal touch. Each custom cake is a unique one-of-a-kind creation! 

We listen carefully, contribute our artistry,  and provide good communication; starting when you first contact us and culminating with the cake you envisioned, that tastes amazing, looks great, and adds to your celebration. We love bringing your ideas to life!

I (Elise) am a professional artist baker and along with my assistant baker, we love to create beautiful cakes. Your ideas coupled with our artistry and attention to detail creates the cake you envisioned.  Everything is made from scratch with the finest quality and freshest ingredients. This combined with my recipes offers the highest quality custom design cakes.

Fresh quality ingredients

Everything we make at Cake Savvy is created with fresh quality ingredients from scratch, including my buttercream icing, marshmallow fondant, and chocolate ganache.

Mouth-watering experience

Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable mouth-watering cake that looks amazing and will keep your guests commenting for months.

My Expertise in Custom Design Cakes

My expertise in design is in modelling chocolate figures and sugar flowers; my techniques also include piping, stencilling, chocolate work, and wafer paper which are all essential in cake design and creation.

As I mentioned I make everything from scratch, including my buttercream icing, marshmallow fondant, and chocolate ganache.

Cake Savvy is ranked #1 in Chilliwack for the last 3 years 2021-2023!

Contact me to discuss your event and your ideas for your custom design cake. I would love to create the “cherry on top” for your special occasion! You can also follow me on social media.

Sugar Flowers

For my sugar flowers on our custom design cakes, I use a variety of mediums, depending on what type of flowers I am making; gumpaste, fondant with tylose added to make them harden, wafer paper, or modelling chocolate.

Sugar flowers cost more than fresh flowers, because of the time spent making them; most flowers are made one dainty petal at a time. They are cut out, painted, and carefully shaped onto the flower using a variety of tools.

All the detailed work leads to the ” Wow” factor and guests are amazed by the intricacy and beauty of the edible, handmade flowers, that are made to perfectly complement the design of your wedding cake.

Now that you know more about sugar flowers, read the panels on the right about why they could be a better option than real flowers on your custom design wedding cake.

White Wedding Cake With A String Of Edible Blue Flowers And Blue Ribbons By Cake Savvy
Rose Edible Sugar Flower

Sugar flowers won’t wilt.

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on wedding flowers, including those on your cake. A beautifully decorated (and expensive!) wedding cake can easily be ruined by wilted flowers that can’t stand up against the elements, especially at an outdoor reception. Luckily, sugar flowers will look “fresh” no matter the weather or where your wedding takes place!

Cake Savvy Purple Sugar Flower

Sugar flowers are never out of season

Everyone knows that one way to save money on wedding flowers is to opt for seasonal blooms. But what if you’re getting married in June and really want sunflowers? Or your wedding is in December and you love spring flowers? With sugar flowers on your cake, you don’t have to worry about the season as these beauties can be made all year long!

Cake Savvy Edible Stargazer Llily

Sugar flowers are completely customizable

The wonderful thing about sugar flowers is that they are made by hand and from scratch, made personalized to your liking. Each petal and leaf are cut using special tools and then dyed or painted to match the flower’s natural colors or your wedding colors. Sugar flowers can be made to scale for a dainty, simple cake or a multi-tiered, show-stopping focal point.

Edible White Roses By Cake Savvy

Sugar flowers will last!

Unfortunately, the fresh flowers from your wedding will eventually die. However, the sugar flowers on your custom design cake can become keepsakes! Despite being made of sugar, they will last a long time at room temperature. This means, you can display them in a vase or on a shelf in your home as a unique memento from one of the most special days of your life.

Of course, sugar flowers are not restricted to wedding cakes. Sugar flowers are a great addition to almost any special occasion cake, whether that be for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or promotion, yes, you guessed it, the possibilities are endless.

Our Partners

We are grateful to our partners as we work together to provide you with high-quality custom cakes for your special event that will surpass your expectations!

What People Are Saying About Elise

Marbled And Roses Wedding Cake



"Thank you so much Elise! You were a pleasure to work with from the beginning. From your initial design, which you based on my description and photos, you created a beautiful cake, you surpassed my expectations. The extra care you took to match our separate gluten free cake was also appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Dream Bookstore Cake



"I wanted the perfect cake for my wife’s birthday. She loves bookstores and has always wanted her own. I reached out to Elise who responded instantly. I told her what I wanted and she took it from there. She sketched it all out and was very responsive as we ironed out the details. The finished product blew me away! It made my wife burst into tears. Elise created the perfect cake and came up with so many amazing little details. On top of that, the cake was one of the best tasting cakes we’ve ever had! I will be recommending Cake Savvy to everybody I know. Thanks again Elise for the perfect cake to help me celebrate my wife’s birthday!"

Birthday Cakes by Cake Savvy


Hockey Mom

"BREATHTAKING! DELICIOUS! STUNNING! This was the reaction of my guests at my son's birthday! Elise from Cake Savvy truly was the icing on top for my son's birthday. We had the most delicious 3 tier cake, topped with a stunning edible Stanley Cup! Elise went above and beyond other bakeries by creating a detailed sketch before committing to the job, and also by delivering to the venue. A lot of people can create visually appealing cakes; Elise, however takes it a step further with the delicious & flavourful taste combinations! Elise was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to more BREATHTAKING cakes!

Special Event Cakes - Cake Savvy


Yorkie Lady

"Elise, thank you SO much! We were blown away by your beautiful work on our cake and it tasted absolutely heavenly. Our guests were especially commenting on how good the mocha cupcakes were and how moist the carrot cake was, it served so many people and we couldn't have been happier with our cake. We would highly recommend you to anyone wanting an event cake. You were so professional, your work was flawless and we felt good purchasing from someone in our local community. Thank you again and we will definitely be contacting you again should we need any other special occasion cakes!" Thank you again!

Ready For Endless Possibilities?

The possibilities really are  endless when you combine your ideas and Elise’s artistry

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