Flavours And Servings

Flavours and Servings For Our Custom Cakes

Flavours-Servings and Design

I made this ballet birthday cake for a girl in ballet lessons. It was a very fun cake to create with sculpting the ballet slippers and making the lace and flowers. Of course, everything is edible. The cake was pumpkin spice flavour and the ballet shoes were made with modelling chocolate.

Flavours and Servings sizes. These are two of the three most important elements of any cake. The third is, of course, Design.

Imagine the design you dreamed of coupled with the best tasting flavours and fillings that makes your guests asking for more. All our custom cakes’ flavours and servings are carefully chosen for their taste, quality and best possible combination for presentation to your guests.

In short, we want you to be 100% satisfied.

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Choose Your Custom Cake Flavours and Servings

Wedding Cake Cupcake Cake By Cake Savvy by Cake Savvy

Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

Chocolate, -- Vanilla, -- Zucchini, -- Carrot, -- Red-velvet, -- Lemon, -- Banana chocolate chip, -- Pumpkin Spice, -- Dark Mocha, --Orange, -- Black Forest.

Flavours and Servings by Cake Savvy

Specialty Fillings

Chocolate Pudding, -- Vanilla Pudding, -- Raspberry, -- Butterscotch Pudding, -- Lemon, -- Strawberry, -- Cherry: -- Cream cheese Buttercream, -- Chocolate ganache (white, dark or milk).

Birthday Cheesecake from Cake Savvy

Cheesecake Flavours

Chocolate, -- Mocha, -- Lime. Plus Various Toppings

Cake Pops by Cake Savvy

Unique Cake Pops

Chocolate, -- Chocolate & Peanut Butter, -- Red-velvet, -- Vanilla, -- Cookie-Dough Filled.

5 New Spring Macaron Flavours

Elise has done it again!
Experience 5 new refreshing Spring flavour-filled macarons. 

Mango, Coconut, Strawberry Lemonade, Chocolate Raspberry, and Mojito.
These 5 new mouthwatering flavours are readily available in-store.

Enjoy macarons at a simple afternoon get-together with friends or a lavish celebration. Or, as with the side photo, part of a special tea delight where even the tea cup is edible!
Macaron Spring Flavours

Drop by the bakery and pick up these wonderful treats!

Tea Cup Macaron Cake

The Original 5 macaron Flavours are still available for order

Amazing Raspberry Orange Macarons by Cake Savvy1

Raspberry Orange:  Filled with orange buttercream and a fresh raspberry coulis. Mouth watering and simply divine.

Chocolate Caramel Macarons from Cake Savvy 2

Chocolate Caramel: Rich chocolate shells with dark chocolate ganache and our freshly made caramel. Just the right amount of sweet and salty!

Key Lime Macarons by Cake Savvy1

Key Lime: A mouthful of pure joy: the lime macaron. Filled with lime buttercream and freshly made lime curd. Perfect for summer!

Mouth Watering Mocha Macarons From Cake Savvy

Mocha: Rich flavour that melts in your mouth! This one has a coffee flavoured shell, with coffee infused dark chocolate ganache filling. Betcha can’t wait to taste one.

Mango Macarons by Cake Savvy

Mango: This amazing cookie has an almond shell, crispy on the outside with a chewy centre, and is filled with mango buttercream and a fresh mango curd.

A Spring-Flavoured Macaron Basket is a great Gift! – Pick them up in store

Macaron Spring Basket

How To Choose Your Cake Icing

Buttercream Or Fondant?

Your choice of icing may well depend on the design you choose and could be influenced by the flavours and servings.

Cake Savvy’s Buttercream is the classic, buttery icing that most people are familiar with. It is slightly off-white, creamy, and smooth, with a light vanilla flavour.  Fondant, which is often used on wedding cakes, is a rolled icing that is placed over the cake; it provides a smooth surface for decorating and detail.

I make my own marshmallow fondant, which tastes great; quite a different fondant from the store-bought kind. It is rolled nice and thin to give you just the right amount of sweetness. Underneath the fondant is a layer of dark chocolate ganache, which provides a smooth and sturdy surface, and is absolutely delicious. Pop in to the bakery to try a sample

So What Is Ideal?

Both Buttercream and Fondant have their specific uses, though often they can be used interchangeably. If you’re looking for a more simple, understated design, buttercream is your best choice. For rustic, natural looking cakes, buttercream goes very nicely, and is a great choice if you’re using fresh flowers. You can also use buttercream to create a variety of different textures, rather than a smooth finish on the cake.


Many people, however, want a very detailed cake. It’s almost impossible to do intricate designs with buttercream. For techniques such as marble, stenciling, hand painting, quilting, and ruffles you will need to choose fondant. I find fondant cakes to have a more elegant, finished look. They work very nicely with sugar flowers and more detail, however, a simple smooth fondant cake can also be quite stunning.

Cake Savvy Rubik Cube Cake

You can literally chew on this puzzle!

How To Choose Your Wedding Cake Size

Wedding Cake Servings Guide

 The tier cake chart shows two different serving sizes we at Cake Savvy use for our wedding cakes.

Wedding cake servings are generally 1 x 1.5 x 5 inches.

Wedding Cake Servings Chart And Guide

Cake Savvy's Wedding Cake Styles

Wedding cake styles are, of course, determined by the couple and can vary widely in style and shape; not just round or square. Generally though, In Cake Savvy’s standard wedding cake each tier has three layers with your choice of filling in-between and is at least 5 inches tall. (The height of the tier may vary depending on the couple’s wishes).  Remember too that the number of tiers is also part of the cake style; whether you want two tiers, three tiers, or more. Smaller tiers mean a taller cake and vise-versa.  See below for various combinations of wedding cake tier sizes that will accommodate your number of guests. If you plan on serving some wedding cake to those who were unable to attend remember to include them in your cake serving count.

Make sure you check out my wedding cake gallery for lots of cake design ideas. Of course, I consider each cake a work of art and no two custom cakes are ever the same.

Wedding Cake Tradition

Did You Know?

The old tradition for wedding cakes is that they should have three tiers and each tier of the cake had a special significance. The bottom tier was for serving to the guests at the reception after the ceremony, the middle tier for giving to people after the event, maybe at a gift opening, and the top tier was for saving, either for the 1st anniversary or, if you were in the Christian tradition, for the first child’s christening. This was possible because the traditional wedding cake recipe was for fruit cake and would last a very long time. 

Nowadays Cake Savvy helps keep a little tradition alive and provides the couple with a free single-tier 6″ cake on their 1st anniversary.

Cake Savvy's Dessert Table Cakes

Elise’s regular dessert table cakes are a great way to accommodate people with food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences as well as being a wonderful complement to your wedding cake.  The dessert table cakes, with the exception of the cheesecakes,  are usually 9 inches in diameter and have two layers with your choice of filling in-between and can be made with many of the flavours and servings and filling combinations mention above. The cheesecakes, which are made from a special family recipe, are also 9 inches in diameter come in two flavours (either chocolate or lime), and are 3 inches tall. 

Elise's Tips For Your Dessert Table Design

First of all make sure the table is flat (no divide in the middle), very sturdy, and completely level. A crooked cake table means a toppled cake!

The table should not be too large or too small. For a tiered cake on its own, a 3ft round is perfect. For a cake with cupcakes or other desserts on platters, a 6ft long rectangle is usually large enough, but keep in mind the space you will need for a number of other desserts.

Decorate the table to match your other décor, but if your cake will have flowers on it, avoid putting flowers on the table as they will take away from the cake. Greenery on the table is very nice if it matches your other décor and style. Unless you have a beautiful table you don’t want to be covered, a tablecloth to match your decor is always nice, but failing that you cannot go wrong with a white tablecloth.

If you provide your own cake stand, check to make sure you have the right size. Ensure it is flat and very sturdy. Tiered cakes can be very heavy!

If you decide to get a cake topper, make sure it is not top-heavy. It is best if it has a pick that sticks into the cake to keep it secure, but make sure the pick is food safe (no wood splinters and not covered in glitter). If there was a box your topper was kept in, I will leave it under the cake table for you to take your topper home.  Check out the FAQ page if you have more questions.

The tables below give some suggested and popular combinations for wedding cakes with their number of servings

Wedding Cake Tier Combinations & Servings

Round Cakes

2 Tiers                      Servings
6″ + 8″                            36
6″ + 10″                          50

3 Tiers                      Servings
6″+8″+10″                      74
8″+10″+12″                  118  
6″+10″+14″                  126
8″+12″+16″                  180

4 Tiers                     Servings
6+8+10+12                 130
8+10+12+14               194

Square Cakes

2 Tiers                      Servings
6″ + 8″                            50
6″ + 10″                          68

3 Tiers                    Servings
6″+8″+10″                    100
8″+10″+12″                  154
6″+10″+14″                  166
8″+12″+16″                  232

4 Tiers                     Servings
6+8+10+12                  172
8+10+12+14                252

Wedding Cake Flavours and Servings

Party Servings

Round Cakes

Tiers Size               Serving
      6″                             8
     8″                            16
    10″                           26
    12″                           40
    14″                           56
    16″                           74

Cake Savvy’s Dessert Table (or Party cake) servings are traditionally larger than wedding cake portions due to being only two layers.

Design, Flavours And Servings

We work with you in order to provide exactly the cake design, flavours and servings you had in mind for your special event and deliver the cake of your dreams! Whatever size or style of custom cake you choose, whether that is a cake to fit your theme or the type of event, our aim is to bring your dream cake to life. Your unique cake can be a table centerpiece of the occasion!

Introducing Some Of My Favorite Flavour Combinations

Vanilla with vanilla buttercream; Chocolate with strawberry filling and homemade fondant; Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream; Zucchini with dark chocolate ganache (my fav!); and Dark Mocha with milk chocolate ganache.

Choose your specific combination of flavours and servings and fillings that complement the design you want, or contact Elise for advice and you’ll have a cake to remember.

Five great flavours
Cake Savvy Wizzard

Great design, flavours and servings need amazing decorations to complete the perfect cake.

Great flavors are essential to create a cake to remember, but decoration is also important.  Design and decoration are what give the first impression of a great cake while the flavour completes the experience for the perfect cake. Below are just a few examples of Elise’s expertise in hand-made, edible modelling figures and flowers to add that little extra and give your cake that “wow” factor. You will see other examples throughout this site. It seems a shame to eat them!

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