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Special Occasion Cakes by Cake Savvy

Specialty Cakes For Any Occasion.

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Specialty Cake Gallery

Looking for a unique personalized cake that will "wow" your guests?

Cake Savvy Star Wars Special Occasion Cake

Unique Specialty Cakes

Do you have a unique cake design idea for that up coming special event? Look no further! Here at Cake Savvy, we specialize in “Endless Possibilities”. As you can see from the above gallery we can bring your ideas to life and provide you with a unique cake created for your specific event or occasion. 

Your special occasion cake can be anything from a traditional round cake with simple but eye-stopping decoration to a 3D sculpted alligator, to a teacup, to a vinyl turntable that actually turns. And everything on these specialty cakes is edible, even the teacup!

And yes, the photo of a spaceship really is a delicious birthday cake!

When you consider all the various special events we have throughout our lives, from gender reveal parties through birthdays, school events, graduation, weddings, family get-togethers, retirement, and on; along with a host of other special interests people have, it is no wonder that the possibilities are endless for Cake Savvy to design and create your special occasion cake. The ideal table centrepiece, and with an amazing taste as well!

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